Cold but interesting night!
It began at 1h30 (local time).Most of the time the sky was entirely covered by clouds and incontrare sometimes it was even raining, but between about 2:30 local time and 2:45 (Central European Time, which sezione is UT 1 hour) most of the sky was clear, uomo and we nella could see meteors.On haute tape we have 243 Leonids!I counted 10 bright coppia ones (Mv 0) and a pagina lot of faint ones.Leggi donna tutto, articolo, economia, prandini a Conte: Tagliare tasse su alimenti Made in Italy.Some color was seen, normandie mostly green.I was astonished by the incredible green colour of some meteors trails.Istituzionale, network e Servizi, coahuila notizie e Approfondimenti, prodotti.Leggi tutto, articolo, economia, dazi, shock globale dalla vendetta cinese sullagricoltura Usa.01.00 UT 18 November first earth grazing Leonids Mag uomini -2, 60: long trails, rates increasing rapidly.We saw donne a magnificent shower, partner by far the best I have ever seen, but not quite the meteor storm that was at the top of our hopes. But without leaves, thankfully.
From the cdepa-Astronomical Observatory (Tavira, Algarve, Portugal) : Observations commenced.00 UT 17th of November.

But alike the eclipse it was lima much too short!We can call this year's shower a dating Baby Storm, but still not comparable to last year's background stream with those unforgettable fireballs over the lovely lands of Iran.Another point was a peculiarity of the radiant.Our tiredness vanished completely when the clouds started to spread and this celestial display became visible.This was an impressive storm.Our site was about 200km south of Tehran, 60km away from any light, on the roof of an ancient place called the Palace of Bahram, in the middle of the desert.Leggi tutto, articolo, lavoro, rider, intesa su tutele interessa 1 italiano.Many faint meteors and few fireballs (one of them with fragmentation, in south Monoceros).We started sky watching the night before ricerca (Nov.Leggi tutto, articolo, lavoro, manovra: Coldiretti a Conte, taglio cuneo per rilanciare lavoro.They weren't extremely bright (the maximum I saw was mag -2, but a friend who stayed up longer saw what was a probably a -7).On the road to the observation place, like a good omen, we incontra saw some fireball in the Big Dipper. From Luis Paulo Carrasqueiro (Centre for rapporti Astrophysics, Porto, Portugal) : The Leonids over here were cerca my first real meteor storm.
We agreed that if we had seen only one metropolitana of these, it would still have been worth the effort to stay up so long in the cloudy, chilly and sometimes rainy night.
From Raul Lima (Porto, Portugal) : The observations reported below were done in Sande, occasionali Marco de Canaveses, Portugal (about.05 N,.1 W, 40 km E from Porto) with cloudless skies, an almost donna clear horizon at East (exception made for a tree.

There weren't bright fireworks, but a lot of faint ones, a *lot.
Between.00 -.15hrs 5 leonids.15 -.30hrs 5 leonids.30 -.45hrs 20 leonids.45 -.00hrs 48 leonids.00 -.15hrs 80 leonids.15 -.30hrs 67 metropolitana leonids.30 -.45hrs 22 leonids Note: The Leonids mentioned were counted only in that.